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Published: 16/10/2019

Using Data to Drive Learning Investment Decisions

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Somewhere between 2013 and 2018 xAPI hit a road hump. Too techy, too difficult or a vague value proposition didn’t land for the HR Community. If the ‘x’ is all about experiences, why don’t more xAPI case studies exist?! We need to understand how:

  • different experiences shorten a new employee’s time to proficiency
  • learning experience platforms (LXP) reduce employee search effort
  • social platforms impact productivity.

Based on this need have a look at some xAPI case studies from Watershed we like: https://www.watershedlrs.com/resource-center/topic/client-story

xAPI confuses me. I don’t know how to get something underway to pilot xAPI.


Do you encounter IT roadblocks introducing new learning technology?

Forget SCORM – xAPI will transform your value and contribution to the business. Obvious Choice champion the use of xAPI. It changes the game for those of us interested in:

  • using data to demonstrate the business impact of learning
  • leveraging data to build business cases for future capability investment
  • using data to identify learning experiences that drive high performance
  • creating a single source of data ‘truth’ or log about learning.

For a quick intro to xAPI check out this video from Ben Betts:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVFjsZ59ICA

Model then measure effectiveness

Having worked with xAPI since 2013, we’ve abandoned ‘collect as much data as possible and worry about analytics later’ recommendation.  Obvious Choice recommends starting an xAPI project with a scientific, evidence driven mindset. We use data modelling to identify xAPI statements that evidence proficiency and surface actionable insights.

Modern Learning Ecosystem by Obvious Choice

This overcomes a common concern among capability professionals about measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of your learning solution and its impact on the business. Baseline ups your measurement game. It gets you started with diagnostic and descriptive analytics.

How do I find out what my people don’t know?

Gather data without implementing a new system

Forget Me Not removes any barriers to procuring new technology. Baseline can be accessed as a managed service, which enables you to:

  • experiment with xAPI and capture data about your workforce’s capability and confidence
  • drive data driven decisions about investments in capability development
  • automate the distribution and delivery of micro learning experiences
  • identify immediate gaps in:
  1. Regulatory compliance knowledge
  2. Product knowledge
  3. Management and sales skills
  4. Core behaviours and habits needed to protect and grow your business
  5. Leadership proficiency.


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James Stack

James Stack

A passionate advocate for new ways of learning to support the future of work. James leverages his background in digital marketing to design workplace learning solutions that change behaviours and move key business metrics. At Obvious Choice we believe that technology-enabled learning innovation has the power to deliver exceptional business results.