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Published: 16/10/2019


James Stack elearning, learning, LMS, micro-credentialing, MLS, performance, Rethinking Learning, training

What is Micro-credentialing?

"Can open badges and micro-credentialing be used to create effective online recognition practices in the workplace?"

According to Catalano (2013) ‘‘The model of granularity in music purchases has moved us from the album to the song … the model of granularity in proving skills or expertise is going to move from the certificate or degree to the badge’’. Assuming Catalano’s prediction becomes reality, could badged granularity provide recognition in the workplace? What forms of workplace recognition could a digital badge replace?

John Dewey’s metaphor: “life is education” (Dewey, 1938) anticipates the emergence of digital badges and micro-credentials designed to recognise knowledge acquisition, certify proficiency and track achievements at work. How can digital badges and micro-credentials deliver authentic recognition in a contemporary workplace?


Read the full research article here

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James Stack

James Stack

A passionate advocate for new ways of learning to support the future of work. James leverages his background in digital marketing to design workplace learning solutions that change behaviours and move key business metrics. At Obvious Choice we believe that technology-enabled learning innovation has the power to deliver exceptional business results.