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Published: 16/10/2019

Obvious Choice acquires OZTRON

James Stack oztron, serious game

We are delighted to share news Obvious Choice has acquired Oztron Pty Ltd, a small but innovative developer of serious games and simulations for workplace learning.

We have worked extensively with Oztron over the last few years on a range of

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A Transformation Strategy for Learning and Development

James Stack elearning, learning analytics, microlearning, performance, performance campaigns, xapi

We’ve thought a lot about what L&D can do to have more impact.

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Performance Campaigns Infographic

Obvious Choice elearning, learning analytics, microlearning, performance campaigns, xapi

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Micro Learning Infographic

Obvious Choice elearning, learning analytics, learning courses, performance, training, xapi

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Obvious Choice learning analytics, learning courses, LMS, modern learning system, performance, xapi

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James Stack elearning, learning, LMS, micro-credentialing, MLS, performance, Rethinking Learning, training

What is Micro-credentialing?

"Can open badges and micro-credentialing be used to create effective online recognition practices in the workplace?"

According to Catalano (2013) ‘‘The model of granularity in music purchases has moved us from the album

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Induction Journeys

David Becker elearning, learning, LMS, MLS, performance, Rethinking Learning, training

Dissonance between content and experience

Perhaps you've experienced an induction that goes something like this:

  • Step 1: Watch a video welcoming you to the team, fill out some paperwork
  • Step 2: Do some (lots) of boring eLearning, meet some
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Your guide to deploying performance campaigns

David Becker elearning, learning, LMS, MLS, performance, Rethinking Learning, training

Performance campaigns are unlike other blended and digital learning approaches, because they don't set out to teach. Instead they set out to create the circumstances from which performance arises. As a result they draw on different design and

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Performance campaigns: The future of workplace learning

David Becker elearning, performance

We’ve shifted the dial completely!

The problem is philosophical

Much has been written about the effectiveness of digital and blended learning. I won’t speak to that issue broadly, but I’d like to share my observations from over 20 years in the

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Digital learning dish I prepared earlier

David Becker corporate learning, corporate learning programs, elearning, learning, learning analytics, learning courses, learning management, LMS, micro-credentialing, MLS, mobile learning, modern learning system, performance, training, xapi

Set and organise goals within a defined space

Set out a clear picture of what success looks like in story form using real stories from people the learner knows, trusts or has heard about. Alternatively, use case studies or a ‘day in the life of’.

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